The Magic Begins: 1/30: Favorite Character

My favorite character, to be quite honest, is Hermione Granger. Through out the novels and the films we see Hermione progress as an ‘annoying’ character to rather a character whose importance grows. As each year passes by Hermione becomes another countless mysteries beheld in the novels. In my opinion, without Hermione, Harry would simply be compelled with unsolvable complications. Hermione helped Harry not only by defeating Lord Voldemort but also by being his comfort when no one else was. She helped him when, in Deathly Hallows, Ron leaves. In fact, in Order of the Phoenix when everyone else is partying after the Weasley’s big moment, Hermione takes note that Harry’s scar is hurting. A rather strongwilled character, Hermione Granger can also be seen as a good moraled role  model for future generations. 

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